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  • [2016-06-11]Ubiquitous color killer analysis and maintenance

    ultraviolet rays Yes, compared to all other skin aging external cause, the power of ultraviolet far ahead, in addition to the night, it is not all the time to ..

  • [2016-06-11]Basic skin beauty knowledge

    If you have such a good skin, you should pay attention to a few details of the protected; if you do not have such a good skin, it does not matter, you only need..

  • [2016-06-11]Do you really apply the mask

    Choose the right mask Chip it is very convenient to use, but in the final analysis, chip mask is a cured through beauty liquid non-woven, purchasing dawn.the c..

  • [2016-06-11]How much beauty knowledge

    A white cover 100 ugly, although old-fashioned, but this sentence classic too, whitening, is every woman seeking, more and white also white. Here to teach you t..

  • [2016-06-11]Efficacy of moxibustion bed

    [beauty] Modern life pressure is too large, in vivo deposition all toxins secreted by the slow, skin absorption slow on cosmetics, nutrition, causing a series ..

  • [2016-06-11]Hyaluronic acid injection beauty common sense

    Q: I face some wrinkles to rumors it is filled with the injection filling operation, it is this? What is an injection filling skill? Injection filling skills ha..

  • [2016-06-11]Maintenance suck? 10 tricks to help you open the plug

    Maintenance suck? 10 tricks to help you open the plug Even with the price of your skin care products is also powerless? Maintenance of effort with the wrong lo..

  • [2016-06-11]The most common mistake to beauty! We avoid

    Error one: any hand squeeze acne Acne completely good time is 7 ~ 10 days, will leave a scar and if you ignore it, time will only be 2-3 days, if use hand to s..

  • [2016-06-11]Know how to massage the soles of the feet 6 "insomnia" you will have a good sleep every day

    1, insomnia acupuncture points This point is also known as "100 knock points", the middle position is located in the heel. Can be used to stop the hammer fist ..

  • [2016-06-11][beauty common sense] will be the formation of skin damage to the skin?

    Q: long acne can use foundation? A: long acne is to use foundation makeup goods, as long as the selection of goods, and thorough cleaning, use liquid foundatio..

  • [2016-06-11]Massage bed ten major series, you know how much?

    [introduction] is widely used in beauty salons, health clubs, physiotherapy hospital, bathing place. Its unique structural design is helpful in the physical the..

  • [2016-06-11]Beauty bed

    structure Frame structure Usually underframe is wooden, iron plastic, stainless steel frame, aluminum alloy frame, general wood costs are relatively high, fol..