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ultraviolet rays
Yes, compared to all other skin aging external cause, the power of ultraviolet far ahead, in addition to the night, it is not all the time to spoil our skin.
Ultraviolet light from the sun to the earth tramp over mountains and through ravines.
Based on the wavelength, we divide it into UVA (long wave) UVB (Duan Bo).
Short wave stay in our skin layer, so that we feel hot, skin to make skin redness, fever, and even peeling, blistering, inflammation, prolonged touch may induce skin cancer. But because it can be intense intuitive "sun" feeling, we will be able to prevent the main.
But truly awful is UVA, it can penetrate clothing, penetrate the epidermis and epidermal melanin, and then direct our deep into the dermis, collagen cells of burns, damage to supporting the skin's collagen network, all the year round, silently, so skin thinning, loses its elasticity, wrinkles, pigmentation, is the worst, when our skin is wasting it. We have no feeling, it's too easy neglected.
1, has 8 small black eye
1, cold milk 1:1 soaked paper towel and apply to the eyes for 15 minutes; 2, gauze dipped in yogurt with topical 10 minutes; 3, tea frozen after the first 15 minutes leaching topical cosmetic cotton; 4, hot eggs cooked to shell towel massage eye; 5, apple slices Fu Yan 15 minutes; 6, Calla lotus lotus destruction and apply to the eyes for 10 minutes; 7, peeled potato slices externally 5 minutes; 8, bee pollen and royal jelly mixed topical 1 hour,
2, how to get rid of the black
1, wash your face with sugar to black acne is very effective. 2, wash your face is not dry, with a thin salt rub nose, can go to black. 3, black on the nose with egg white protein to rub, rub gradually is very fine and tender, can completely replace exfoliating cream. 4, blackhead: a spoonful of sugar and a half spoon of honey and grinding the nose for one to two minutes, then wash it for too long. Hope to help you!
3, coarse pores how to do
Usually should be regular deep cleansing and exfoliating, daily cleaning to do the right way, to prevent the accumulation of grease in pore dirt; after washing the face, take gentle moisture convergence of ingredients of the contraction of water or toner water, quietly from bottom to top flap, micro HAO: skin maintenance knowledge. After a period of time will continue to look carefully at the same time also has many pores effect restrain sebaceous excretion.
4, the skin becomes white
To the skin white, but also from the beginning of the body endocrine maintenance, the skin whitening is a process, because want to from the inside to the outside of the whitening, needs a period of time, not only to adjust endocrine, whitening skin care is also very important during the day to drink plenty of water, at night to drink less, sleep enough bright water Mask; eat more fruit, do not drink do not smoke do not stay up all night, make skin bright water.
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