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Q: I face some wrinkles to rumors it is filled with the injection filling operation, it is this? What is an injection filling skill? Injection filling skills have those advantages?
A: Yes. Injection filling skills is means for injection into the skin and subcutaneous tissue so that the skin sag, incomplete to be filled, arrived at the defect repairs and rehabilitation of perfect skin appearance injection hairdressing technology. The chief of general and wrinkles with dual therapeutic effect fruit, with many surgical implant materials can't take the place of; the operation time is short, quick, to keep for a long time, minimally invasive micro pain, almost no needs to be shut down.
Q: what are the fill material?
A: now commonly used materials filled many, according to the classification of origin can be divided into biogenic, such as collagen, and synthetic data, such as liquid silicone and Radiesse etc.; according to the classification of the structure is divided into the true skin fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen;
Q: what is hyaluronic acid? Why it can be used to inject fill to eliminate wrinkles?
A:1934 in Columbia University professor of Ophthalmology Meyer first from bovine vitreous body parting the hyaluronic acid and analysis of its structure by so from Hyaloid (Greek, meaning "vitreous"), so named for the hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), hyaluronic acid, also known as transparent qualitative acid is a component of dermal tissue. There is no species-specific. After injection usually does not cause allergic reactions, so it is now the most security, the most ideal skin fillers. Transparent qualitative acid write leather folds of depression or desire abundance parts, such as cement reinforced frame after writing, the use of hyaluronic acid expansion effect of sugar frame reinforced ah will not collapse, then arrived to eliminate wrinkles.
Q: what kind of cosmetic effect can be reached with the injection and filling in the cosmetic surgery?
A: injection filling skills first used to eliminate skin deformity, sag, static wrinkles and generalization of the shaping, contains a long nose, nose shaped polishing, extending chin, Feng lips and lip curve touches, Feng temple, Feng, cheek, glabella wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and abundant forehead and brow sag, nose fissured lips, mouth lines, lower eyelids sag, orbital sag, increasing earlobe, crow's feet, nasal dorsal stripes, neck wrinkles, enhance eyebrow, trauma and acne after incomplete, the sag scar etc..
Q: are those people who can afford to take an injection to fill the beauty skills?
A: the injection filling skills suitable for all ages, but about mental disorders, connective tissue diseases, rheumatic diseases, coagulation obstructive diseases, autoimmune diseases, taking anticoagulant drugs, allergies, autoimmune diseases, pregnant mothers and in menstrual period were unsuitable for hyaluronic acid injection treatment
Q: after the injection of hyaluronic acid, there will be those side effects?
A: injections of hyaluronic acid is usually not a side reaction, the most common is the injection site bleeding, injection site or around the swelling, pain, itching, blood stasis, more than 3 to 6 days can be self recession.
Q: what are the deficiencies of the injection of hyaluronic acid?
A: the injection of hyaluronic acid has a cosmetic effect. Simple operation, little damage, operation time short, postoperative without leaving traces and quick recovery strengths, but transparent qualitative acid will be body gradually absorbed, so I want to be the role, we need the timing of repeated injections, or will gradually disappear.
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