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Maintenance suck? 10 tricks to help you open the plug
Even with the price of your skin care products is also powerless? Maintenance of effort with the wrong local hit how much money are not rendered hydroplaning, and if possible, a bit of sweetness, can let skin Saiguo baby muscle.
1 do not think that the deep pore cleansing is invisible to the work, but you have to do! 1-2 times a week with the instrument cleansing, or the most simple cleansing mask, can not fall. This is your subsequent effective maintenance of the door.
. don't over eat uninstall and cleansing of the interest, cleansing to as soon as possible to rinse clean, don't let cleansing products remain in the skin, the formation of skin effect and secondary pollution.
3 South Korea popular 3 seconds maintenance method, that is, after washing the face dry in the skin there is a slight moisture in the hours of time to rub on the skin care products, so that the skin can be a faster and very good absorption. The same goods altered body.
4 pat pat a yellow face! Beat the skin to simply affect the melanin in the skin, and "arouse" out of its activity, so stop beating your skin, instead of using quietly pressed, or "Piano means" way.
5 maintenance after the end of the warm palm cheeks, forehead, chin and other packages, for skin care products to fully absorb.
6 if the conditions allow, especially in the sensitive period of the skin, as far as possible not to use tap water to wash your face, there will be no impact on the filter water.
After 7 menstrual cycle before ovulation to ten days time is the best time for maintenance, the two weeks, please don't hesitate to Mengliao.
8 blemish, acne, can be treated at the end of the maintenance of a part of the treatment once again, to strengthen the effectiveness of.
9. Zygomatic especially simple sunburns, due to the cheekbones more simple is the sun shines, altered anti Sai cream and whitening pale spot commodity to the cheekbones to strengthen.
10 to ensure enough sleep. Try not to stay up late, the best able to wake up early in the morning. The rest to a reasonable period of time, affecting the normal regular rest on the skin can not be underestimated.
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