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1, insomnia acupuncture points
This point is also known as "100 knock points", the middle position is located in the heel. Can be used to stop the hammer fist massage, about 100 times, can help sleep.
2, end bone cave
After our ears have a pair, called "papilla", "papilla" along the trailing edge of the *12*. To these bones stop touching, shallow concave, the press has shocked, that is, "after bone point". Stop rubbing with thumb massage can promote sleep to come.
Three, 3 mile point
Down about 3 inches below the knee, the *12* position of the two bars. Massage is to use your fingers to rub 3 to 5 minutes.
4, Sanyinjiao
In the back area on 3 inch, the medial malleolus of the tibia. As long as the thumb to the abdomen appropriate to massage the acupuncture point 3 minutes.
5, Yongquan
In the front 1/3 soles of the feet depression. Application of the finger pulp by rubbing the acupuncture point 100 times or so, it is helpful to cure insomnia, through the sleep quality.
6, Yin Tangxue
*12* position in two eyebrows. Massage with the thumb around 2 to 3 minutes of moderate, can soothe the nerves, relieve insomnia.
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